Still Learning, Still Growing

I am still learning
To find meaning: In life, in people, in the little things
Still finding my roots
Still tracing my beginnings so I may understand my endings
Still trying to connect, to see more – be more
I am still
Searching for answers by asking more questions
Still figuring out what kind of footsteps I leave behind
Will someone trace me from them?
If I am lost, will I run back along them?
Will I always have second chances?
Or other attempts at trying something different
I am still
Walking on shoulders of those that came before
Learning from them
But also sharing my privilege
In the hope that others may rise
If I rise, it is my obligation to pull others
So that my society may rise
I am still
Learning to love, to put others first
Learning when to trust
Is it  strength or vulnerability?
I am still searching for my center
The axis on which I rotate
I am still taking leaps without sight
I am a child that way and will always be
I am still
Laughing and hurting
From some losses
Of loved ones, of partners
Of dreams, some not mine
That are no more
I still wonder what we could have been!
I am still learning
To let go
To heal my wounds but carry the scars with pride
For I learnt from them
I am still
Believing the Great I am
Standing still, In the den
To let Him move
Because in Him I find my being
My tomorrows are not in stone
My now… I own
I still am
A student of life
Forever and always
  • Khanani
    Posted at 07:54h, 15 March Reply

    Happy Happy birthday. This is an amazing, vulnerable and promising piece.
    Cheers to the life yet to be lived

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 08:05h, 15 March Reply

      Thanks, Daniella for the birthday wishes and kind words. Cheers to more life!

  • Baguma Anold
    Posted at 08:03h, 15 March Reply

    Happy birthday ?, big brother .
    You are making me fall in ? with poetry .
    Enjoy your day.
    #blessings follow you

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 08:07h, 15 March Reply

      Thanks , Arnold. I appreciate these kind words. Poetry is my first love. I am glad that you are growing fond of it.

  • Grace Nankya Mutebi
    Posted at 09:12h, 15 March Reply

    Happy birthday Joel ?

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 09:18h, 15 March Reply

      Thank you, Grace.

  • Vernesse Makengo K
    Posted at 14:19h, 15 March Reply

    Happy birthday Joel
    I think in this life we all in the process of learning sth new each day that goes by.

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 14:47h, 15 March Reply

      Thank you, Vernessa. I agree, learning is continuous.

  • Paul Epodoi
    Posted at 16:14h, 15 March Reply

    Happy birthday Joel. This is beautiful piece of your life long hunger to learn! Thanks for sharing.

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 16:58h, 15 March Reply

      Thank you, Paul. You are welcome.

  • Malaika Tabby
    Posted at 06:56h, 16 March Reply

    Nice poem

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 22:33h, 20 April Reply

      Thank you.

  • Kato Mpanga
    Posted at 16:58h, 20 March Reply

    Beautiful poem Joel! It highlights the importance of being a continuous learner in life. Happy belated birthday. Keep up the great work of sharing your knowledge and experiences to help others to become better. Many more blessings always!

    • Joel Basoga
      Posted at 22:34h, 20 April Reply

      Thanks, Kato for these kind words and for taking the time to read. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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